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Semi Automatic AAC Block Machine

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The semi automatic AAC block machine is a popular block making machine at SANKON. It adopts German technology and uses Siemens electronic components. Continuous focus on product improvement has resulted in the AAC block machine being reliable and simple to operate.

AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) is a new type building material, the raw materials are siliceous materials (fly-ash, sand, slag), calcareous materials (lime, cement and gypsum), and Aluminium powder. AAC product has been widely used in industrial and civil construction. AAC brick making machine is sold well in the world.

Specifications of Semi Automatic AAC Block Machine
Annual output: 50000 cubic meters, 100000 cubic meters, 150000 cubic meters, 200000 cubic meters, 300000 cubic meters, it can also be expanded based on customer's specific requirements
Raw material: sand or flyash

Advantages and features for AAC block and panel
Light Weight: 300 – 700 kg/m³
High Intensity: 3.5~10.0Mpa
Good Sound Insulation: 2dB bonus
Good Thermal Insulation Property: 0.1~0.20W/(m • k)
Great energy efficiency
Excellent fire resistance
Outstanding structural performance
Raw materials: AAC is a kind of light cellular silicate products. Main material based on silicon materials ( sand/fly ash, gangue contains silicon)and Calcium(cement and lime), mix with foaming agent (Aluminium powder), after batching, mixing, pouring, pre-curing, cutting, stream (autoclaved), and other process , finally get this light weight concrete products.
Fly-Ash: Flyash is the waste from electric power plant. From the the environment view, flyash block is green product.
Sand: Except fly ash, sand can be the main material too. The requests is that the silica content is above 69%. Flyash and sand both are main raw materials. Block can be classified by raw materials as flyash block, sand block, flyash and sand block.
Lime: Active powered lime should be needed. If lime is powdery, can be directly used. If lime is massive, should be added a system of lime milling system.
Cement: Transport by cement truck. Delivered to cement silo by truck pump.
Gypsum: Gypsum is responsible to give long term strength to the blocks.
Aluminum Power: Finely ground Aluminum power is used in very limited quantity (less than 0.5%), so that it reacts with active lime, and silica in base material to make the reaction.

Consumption of Raw Materials for 1 M3 Block (flyash)

No. Name Unit 1/M3 Consumption
1 flyash T 0.42
2 Lime T 0.132
3 Cement T 0.03
4 Gypsum T 0.018
5 Aluminum Kg 0.39
6 Waste oil Kg 0.329
7 water T 0.4
8 electrical kw 15
9 coal T 0.03

Consumption of Raw Material 1/M3 Block (sand)

No. Name Unit 1/M3 Consumption
1 Sand T 0.369
2 Lime T 0.15
3 Cement T 0.072
4 Gypsum T 0.012
5 Aluminum Kg 0.48
6 Waste oil Kg 0.329
7 water T 0.4
8 electrical kw 18
9 coal T 0.034

The main body of big size equipment is unpacked, but electric control panel and spare parts are in wooden or iron package. Special packaging requests are also accommodated.

SANKON AAC block machine is accompanied by complete services, like a one-year warranty, installation, commissioning and training services.

SANKON is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of semi automatic AAC block machine in China. Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of concrete panel machine, dry mortar equipment, etc. These products are characterized by simple operation, stable performance, etc.
For more information regarding our AAC machine, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to cooperating with you. Thank you.

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