AAC Block/Panel Machinery Supplier

SANKON Building Materials Technology Co. is a one stop solutions provider for autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) production equipment including complete AAC production lines. We employ a team of experts with more than 20 years of industry experience to drive our innovative efforts and create highly efficient building material production equipment. Using highly automated production machinery, SANKON is able to produce more than 9 thousand tons of equipment each year to satisfy our customers all over the world. Contact us today to learn more about our outstanding AAC production machinery.

    1. AAC Block Production Line
    2. AAC Block Production Line AAC block is a lightweight and porous environmental building material. AAC block can guarantee the compressive strength of the wall, while the weight of the wall using AAC block is 40% lighter than a wall made using common brick.
    1. AAC Panel Manufacturing Line
    2. AAC Panel Manufacturing LineAs one type of lightweight and porous panel, AAC panel can be used as external wall panel, partition board and roof panel. AAC panel adopts siliceous materials and calcareous materials as its main raw materials.
    1. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Crushing System
    2. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Crushing System The fineness, concentration and uniformity of raw materials will directly affect the strength and quality of your AAC blocks.
    1. AAC Block Line Batching, Pouring Section
    2. AAC Block Line Batching, Pouring SectionWhen batching for autoclaved aerated concrete, to ensure that the strength of AAC block or panel conforms to the requirements for a designed formula...
    1. AAC Panel Steel Bar Assembling Section
    2. AAC Panel Steel Bar Assembling SectionThe biggest difference between AAC panel production and AAC block production lies in the steel bar processing. To ensure the strength of panel, reinforcing mesh...
    1. Concrete Block Pre-curing, Cutting Section
    2. Concrete Block Pre-curing, Cutting SectionIn the pre-curing section, the concrete block is placed between the mold and side plate, and conveyed to the pre-curing room for pre-curing through the use of a friction drive wheel.
    1. Grouping and Autoclaving Section
    2. Grouping and Autoclaving SectionThe demolded concrete blocks are placed in the autoclave trolley with the use of lifting appliances. The autoclave trolley and concrete blocks are transferred to the transfer trolley using the friction drive wheel.
    1. Unloading and Packaging Section
    2. Unloading and Packaging SectionAfter separating, the AAC finished products will be conveyed to the underside of the clamps using the chains or pathway for automatic packaging by the AAC packaging machine.

    1. Case
    2. Site Vietnam
    1. Case
    2. Site Thailand
      Production Line Type Full Automatic
      Annual Output 300,000m³
    1. Case
    2. Site Iran
      Production Line Type Semi Automatic
      Annual Output 150,000m³
    1. Case
    2. Site India
      Production Line Type Semi Automatic
      Annual Output 150,000m³