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Dry Mortar Equipment

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  • Dry Mortar Machine Based on dry mortar production line, SANKON basic dry mortar production line is equipped with an automatic packaging machine for higher packaging speed and lower labor intensity.
    The dry mortar machine has a large production capacity, which can be 5t/hour, 10t/hour...
  • Semi Automatic Dry Mortar Machine High precision control of the ingredients to suit the requirements for precise mixture ratio
    The control software with independent intellectual property right helps achieve automatic production control and management...
  • Automatic Dry Mortar Machine SANKON automatic dry mortar machine features high automation, simple operation, great efficiency, and achieves automatic allocation of materials. The dry mortar equipment can produce more than 50000 tons of the ordinary and special mortar a year. It is especially suitable for producing more than 100000 tons...

SANKON dry mortar equipment is composed of a hoisting machine, premix storage hopper, small material storehouse, finished product storehouse, mixing system, packaging system, dust collector, electric control cabinet, etc. The double shaft, highly efficient mixing machine doesn't destroy material original status, which ensures heat insulation coefficient of the mortar, and thus the insulating capacity of the finished products. Continuing dedication to product improvement has made the dry mortar equipment reliable, energy efficient, easy to operate and simple to maintain.

Capacity/hour: 5t/hour, 10t/hour, 15t/hour, 20t/hour, 30t/hour

Generally, main body of big size equipment is unpacked, but electric control panel and spare parts are in wooden or iron package. SANKON dry mortar equipment can also be packaged based on customers' specific requirements.
SANKON is a professional dry mortar equipment manufacturer, located in China. Our main products are components of AAC machine, concrete panel machine, and block making machine. These products are manufactured in accordance with the standard of ISO9001, so our worldwide customers can feel secure in inquiring and ordering.
To better meet customers' requirement, we also provide customized services.
For more information, please contact us via email or contact addresses available on this website.

Main Products
  • Automatic AAC Panel Machine Annual output: 50000 cubic meters, 100000 cubic meters, 150000 cubic meters, 200000 cubic meters, 300000 cubic meters. Annual output of 400000 cubic meters is also available according to customers' requirements.
    The main body of big size equipment is unpacked, but electric control panel...
  • Semi Automatic AAC Block Machine Annual output: 50000 cubic meters, 100000 cubic meters, 150000 cubic meters, 200000 cubic meters, 300000 cubic meters, it can also be expanded based on customer's specific requirements
    Raw material: sand or
    flyash ..
  • Mould, Side Plate, Hardening Car The mould and side plate are used to hold material slurry which is solidified into the blank after settling, curing and foaming processes. The side plate carries the blank to the cutting machine where the blank are cut into pieces. Then these pieces will be fed into the autoclave to be hardened...
  • Tilting Hanger SANKON tilting hanger is a main component of AAC equipment which is used in the production of autoclaved aerated concrete. It can turn over the blank together with the mould and the side plates 90 degrees in the air, then demoulds the blank and puts it on the cutting table or cutting cart for cutting...